Saturday, December 09, 2006

A note from the writer

Oh, dear! I think I'd better clarify and/or quosh a rumor: my husband IS in St. Elizabeth's Hospital but he is NOT at Death's Door!

The reason for his admittance was an insulin overdose that occurred on Wednesday evening. That condition has, of course, been corrected, but in the process of having all manner of tests performed, it was discovered that his oxygen level is low and now the search for a cause for that condition is ongoing.

He did NOT have a heart attack or stroke or fall. He's in no pain and is being kept busy being wheeled to this testing room and that and by visits from an astounding number of physicians, teams of eager students and a parade of "pretty little girls" from Physical Therapy.

I can't praise our Ambulance Corps and Fire Department emergency personnel enough! Both Dick and I thank them and everyone who has written or phoned with Get Well wishes and offers of help!

As so many others have said, "There's something about a small town that you just can't beat!"

Early Saturday

It's a Heat Wave!

22.5 degrees and the road's bare.

While these "ladies" take a teatime stroll in a sunny cornfield............

....... ladies in Waterville will take their afternoon Tea at the Historical Society.

Their only weather-related concern might be the wind
and the hope that no gusts will ruffle the feathers
on their elegant hats!

(From this morning's O-D:)
The Waterville Indians Boys Basketball team beat Oppenheim, 63-46. Mason Clapp led the Indians with 20 points and 10 rebounds, while Jed Lasnburg led the Hawks with 13 points. Waterville improves to 2-1 on the season.

The Mount Markham Mustangs Girls Basketball team beat Waterville Friday, 45-41. The Lady Mustangs, now 3-0, were led by Regina Locorini, who had 16 points and 6 assists, and Brandy Wercynski, who had 15 rebounds. Janelle Buell had 11 for Waterville, who drops to 3-2.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday afternoon

It turned into a beautiful day!

Bright and sunny, for the most part, and the temperature has gone all the way up to a very tolerable twenty degrees!

But early?

Canada geese on the pond behind Jack Prior's place sounded terribly unhappy! Why not: whereas the day had started out at 7 degrees, the temperature fell to 4 and a hair.

It was blustery out near the Library, but quiet on Main Street......

...and Barton Avenue.

Someone had been walking along the pathway between the
rows of Norway Spruce leading to Mayer's Woods,

and Stan Sambora gave a cheerful wave
in the Post Office parkinglot.

FREEZY Friday!

At very first glance, this morning, I thought that the indoor/outdoor thermometer was broken and that one digit - like a "1" or a "2" - had fallen off: I guess not! It's simply COLD!)

7 degrees.

But an article in this morning's O-D quotes WKTV's Matt Lanza's hopeful words: "Lake-effect snow will be long gone by Saturday afternoon, and the weather will continue to mellow into Sunday, when temperatures will climb back near 40 and it will be dry and pleasant."

Equally as startling (as the temperature) is the appearnce of NOT MUCH SNOW - perhaps 4" to 6" - a mere "dusting," considering yesterday's forecasts and warnings! Snomobilers were hoping for more, I'm sure, but there will be some who just can't wait for the next snowfall and I imagine we'll see or hear some snomobiles out in the smooth fields later today.

The Writer has been waiting for just this sort of snow cover so that real "Winter" pictures could start appearing on the blog - something all of our "snowbirds" in Florida and Arizona have been waiting to see!

Look for some later!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday morning

DECEMBER 7, 1941

There are a great many stories in today's press entitled "65 Years Later". Perhaps we should all read at least one.

36 degrees; no precipitation.

Headline in today's Utica Observer-Dispatch - Waterville Girls Win.
Also - on page 4C - Boys Basketball: Waterville 58; Morrisville-Eaton 40.


Tomorrow evening

Boys Varsity Basketball H Oppenheim-Ephrata 7:30.
Girls Varsity Basketball A @ Mount Markham.

And today is the day that our eighty (80!) Victorian Lamp
Posts are supposed to be shipped from the West Coast!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Waterville Times HEADLINES

On the Front Page:

Route 20 Association Gets Grant - $60,000 matching grant to implement a marketing strategy for the corridor.

Judge McEnroy Elected - Paris Town Justice elected treasurer of the New York State Magistrates assoc.

WCS Board Members Listen to Middle School Principal Idea - survey shows Middle School principal needed.

"Seven Gables" Outstanding - review of the WCS Drama Club's presentation. Cast Photo.

Madison Co. Fair Meeting Dec. 7 - Board's annual meeting scheduled.

Santa's in Marshall Dec. 17 - sleigh rides and refreshments, too.

Old Baseball Gloves Needed - being collected by the WCS High School student council to help out children in town in Nicarague.

Gifts Due Next Week - those who have adopted families should leave donations at the Schoolhouse Apartments on Dec. 13 or 14 from 10:00 - 1:00. Donations can be picked up on the 19th.

Celebrating the Season - Photo of "Tapestry" at Service of Lessons and Carols at Grace Church last Sunday afternoon.

It Works!!!

Oh, Joy!

This morning's forecast from the Weather Channel;

yesterday on Stafford Avenue,

and - for those of you who miss the "country" - a view in Hanover.

(Click to enlarge.)

This is another wonderful view - East of Sangerfield on Route 20 -

even more striking once the "magic" of Photoshop has erased
telephone wires, poles and signs, and
added a "postized" effect.

Misery Loves Company!

Did you ever feel better right away just as soon as you heard that scores of other people had the same problem you did?

Silly, I know, but it's a relief to know that bloggers all over the planet are also unable to upload pictures to their daily blogs. I feel SO much better knowing that it's not something that I created!!! That, of course, does not solve the problem, but ........ we'll all wait, together!

Wednesday morning

It's Recyclables day:

Paper, Plastic and CULLET!

It's 24.5 degrees and gray.

Today: A brief early round of snow showers with a quick fresh dusting in spots...followed by a mix of sun and clouds by late morning. Clouds increase by later this afternoon. Turning milder after the light snow. High in the upper 30's.

Tonight: Cloudy with a sprinkle or flurry this evening followed by a few wet snow showers after midnight. Low 25-30.

"" is being stubborn, this morning, and refuses to upload pictures!

Rather than throw a tantrum or have a nervous breakdown, right now, I'll just calmly go away and come back later!


If you're lacking ANYthing else to do, and have already read everything in Heaps of History (see link at left) you could amuse and amaze yourselves by seeing just how many references Google has for the word "cullet!"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday morning


20 degrees. WKTV New Channel 2's forecast:
Today: Snow showers and flurries. A fresh coating to an inch or two, except for Central Lewis County and points north where a general 2"-4" and locally higher amounts of snow may accumulate. Breaks of sun are also possible this afternoon. High in the low 30's.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. A few lonely flurries. Low in the teens.

Girls Varsity Baketball - 54 - 28 over Mohawk. They'll meet Sherburne-Earlville tomorrow night at 7:30 in Waterville.
Boys Varsity Basketball - Wednesday 7:30 vs. Morrisville-Eaton. Location TBD.

The Syracuse Post-Standard carries a very complete listing of the Girls Varsity Schedule

....... but the Boys Varsity Basketball schedule is incomplete. (Perhaps someone at WCS can fix that?)

On Friday and Saturday evenings, join the 25th anniversary celebration of "SCROOGE"at the Stanley Theater!

And during the daytime, enjoy the Victorian Yuletide at Fountain Elms.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday afternoon

One of the Christmas displays that is receiving the most admiration is this,
the float created for "Parade of Lights" by the Baptist Church.


A little more snow throughout the day,
and another sled! Here's one on Putnam Street.


Jim Bogan and Rose Timian both had big smiles..........

....but I'm not sure about these Canada Geese in a field next to Route 20.

There was a very loud discussion in progress and I suspect that once a decision has been reached, they will all have agreed to head Southward - right away.

Monday morning!

It's Garbage Day!

Lurena McNamara sent me a great list of WORDS we should all KNOW. It starts with this sage advice -British novelist Evelyn Waugh once said, "One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilization or it will die." Encarta editors picked some of their favorite words to nourish your vocabulary. They include:

GARBOLOGY: "study of waste materials: the study of a cultural group by an examination of what it discards," and
CULLET, which we should save for Wednesday morning.

At just about 4 o'clock, this morning, I heard that wonderful growl of engine and distinctive chatter of blade on pavement and the SNOWPLOW went by!

"Finally!" I thought, "children and snowmobilers and I will all be happy!" adding, "Thank you, 'Tapestry,' for making it snow!"

By the light of day, however, I realize that I can still see the tops of each blade of grass. A disappointment. But there's hope, beacuse the WKTV forecast reads:

  • Monday: Cloudy with light snow. High 29 Low 18
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny with snow showers. High 30 Low 19
  • Wednesday: Cloudy with light snow. High 33 low 20
  • Thursday: Mostly cloudy with snow showers. High 32 Low 17

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday, early afternoon

43 degrees, now, and what has been a wonderfully bright, warming sun is just now fading behind thin clouds. Could this be snow coming???

Business is brisk at the Christmas Tree Sale in the Park! Right now there are plenty of trees to choose from, but don't wait too long! Last year, every single tree had gone by the end of the week!

On Stafford Avenue

Sunday morning

27 degrees, and there's a little bit of snow in the forecast!


Don't you think we need some snow?

Oh - not a HUGE amount, but enough to make the Masons' Christmas Trees in the Park and all other decorations look more, well, "Christmasy?"

The Masons brought in the Christmas Trees early yesterday afternoon and "Red" and Rita Mack were among the first customers.

On Babbott Avenue

On Main Street.