Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday wrap-up

It's 23 degrees and just an occasional bit of snow/sleet.
(Is that called sneet?)

I think it will make for some nice sliding!


A prize-winner, on Elmwood!

(See The Waterville Times for all the ribbon-winners!)

Main Street and the Post Office / Dollar General parking lots were
as crowded as the one at CVS!

West of Sangerfield on Route 20, a "conga line" of two State snowplows were clearing the two- or three-inch accumulation of snow. You can see that there's rime on the trees .........

........... but it was nothing like the frosting that I found in Hanover, a mile or two north of the village.

There, the frozen fog was nearly an inch thick on twigs and weeds and it was a beautiful sight!

At the very "top" of Shanley Road, a super-sized greeting card!

Later, this afternoon, this was the view of "downtown" Sangerfield
from Newberry Road!


WKTV's afternoon forecast: "Light snow continues to fall across Central New York today. Snowfall today will be on the lighter side, but enough to accumulate. A general trace to 2" regionwide will fall today. Snow showers come to an end this evening.

Some sunshine mixed with clouds on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A storm will track close to the coast on Sunday and Monday. The storm looks to pass to the east , but may be close enough to give us snow. There are still many question marks about the track of the storm, so stay tuned!



4:30 pm

Family Festival Eucharist and Pageant

Grace Episcopal Church
201 East Main Street


A service of Scripture and carols
will be held at the United Methodist Church on Tower Street at 8:00 P.M. on Christmas Eve.
Everyone is welcome!


Everyone seems to be talking about "Casey," but I have not heard that she's been found or even seen, so please continue to be on the lookout for her!


Have a nice evening, everyone!