Saturday, August 26, 2006

Soggy Saturday morning

58 degrees, out, and Waterville is well watered! Rain fell nearly all night long, so there is certainly no danger of the new lawns along Sanger Avenue drying out right away!

The process of laying lush, green sod in the "tree belt" and along the inside of the sidewalk progressed, yesterday, from near the Meszler residence to half-way across the front of Ms. McNamara's property.

Who will be the first to mow his new lawn? Kevin Bancroft says it won't be he: he'll wait a couple of weeks to let the sod take hold and grow a little.

Topsoil has been nicely spread and rolled along the rest of that stretch of Sanger Avenue and on Park Place except for that awkward situation just at the corner where, apparently, no one can decide exactly how to create the sidewalk so that it will provide appropriate handicap access! Also ready for sod: the Eastern point of the Park and the point of Monument Park.

Although a few more showers are in Waterville's forecast, I hope that there are only sunny skies over Little Tupper Lake. Nine Boy Scouts from Troop 108 and three adults - Bill Strohmeyer, Phil Barnes, and Justin Hicks - left today for a four day canoe trek on Little Tupper Lake, just north of Long Lake. They are camping on an island in the William C. Whitney Wilderness area of the Adirondacks. The boys canoed and kayaked in, and plan on spending the long weekend doing day trips and some hiking in the immediate area.

Elsewhere: there should be a law that Major League Baseball Games played on the West Coast should always be in the afternoon, Pacific Time. This business of staying up until after 1:00 A.M. just to watch your team get beaten is ridiculous!

If you know Tami York, make sure she sees the Car Wash sign!

And don't forget that there's a Pop Warner BOTTLE DRIVE this morning from 9:00 'til noon.

Friday, August 25, 2006

later on....

It is a very gloomy, gray day. It's drippy out, and Jack Bennet's death has saddened the TIOGA crew and the entire community.

The only bright spots that I found this morning were on Frog Park Road, where the rose hips near the old Kelly Farm are turning as red as tomatoes!

I imagine that Bostonians are feeling sunnier, too:

Another Friday

The WKTV Channel 2 Weather forecast starts out - "Unsettled over the next few days, with some breaks possible," and continues, offering a further variety of "possibilities" and "likelies."
Today: A chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm, especially south. High in the low 70s.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy with showers possible. Low in the upper 50s.
Saturday: Clouds and sun with showers likely, especially for the first half of the day. High: 75, Low: 58
Sunday: Clouds and sun with showers or rain likely. High: 68, Low: 58

The Weather Channel provides pictures:

It must have been on Tuesday that I pulled up, somewhere in Sangerfield, to talk with Nannette, who was working alone. She always smiles, of course, and I took her picture knowing that she'd show it to her little girl, that evening. Along came Jack Bennet. He sort-of grinned at me, calling me by name, but when I asked him him if he'd like his picture taken, too, he chuckled and said, "Not today."

I'm sorry I didn't try to cajole him into letting me do that.

He's been our TIOGA "man on the job;" everywhere at the same time, with his plaid shirts and white hat, always willing to answer questions and take the time to explain procedures.

But on Wednesday night he died.

Without an answer, explaination or Good-bye. And it's sad.
His obituary is in today's Observer-Dispatch.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Afternoon

This is where the sod crew was around 10:30, this morning; by mid-afternoon they'd worked their way to the Car Wash and started back on the other side, aiming Northward, again.

At the same time, the topsoil crew was smoothing everything out along the Madison Street side of Monument Park: that's ready to go!

And the "driveway" between the Mowrey and Fuess residences, on Sanger Avenue, was being repaired and readied for either seeding or sodding.

In town, the Village Crew installed two "Pedestrian Crossing" signs on White Street - one to the West of the Library entrance and one near the corner of White and S. Stafford. (We think that the actual "crossing" - with appropriate white lines or stripes - will be between the Historical Society building and the Muncipal parking lot.)

Remember!! On Saturday there will be a Pop Warner Football BOTTLE DRIVE starting at 9:00!

Thursday morning

It's 55 degrees at 6:15 and still a little dark, out. The WKTV Channel 2 Weather Forecast is always concise and almost always accurate! The Weather Channel graphics back it up and they agree, it'll be showery, today. But that's alright: residents along the Sanger Avenue "Parkway" will appreciate having their new lawns watered!

"Today: More clouds than sun. A shower or two. High in the upper 60's.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 50.
Friday: Sun and clouds. High in the low 70's."

After six straight losses, the RedSox beat the Angels 5 - 4; the Yankees also won, downing Seattle 9 - 2, and are still 6.5 games ahead.

Anyone just slowing down on Buell Avenue to look at the nice new rear entrance to the Speed Wash Laundromat on Main Street would find it hard to believe that a year ago that parkinglot was a good ten or twelve feet lower than it is, now! What a grand improvement Mr. Eisenhut has made to his property (with the expert workmanship of Mr. Dave Wicks, far left.!)

Check the The Village of Waterville web site for recent events!

Q. When was the BBQ? A. Last Friday.
Q. Where? A. The Firemen's pavilion.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday wrap-up

Once the sod arrived, the crew lost no time in getting it planted. By 2 o'clock they'd worked Southward on Sanger Avenue as far as the two Davis residences, and the North Country Landscape truck was tanking up in Sangerfield getting ready to give the new lawns a good watering. Topsoil application and rolling, working Northward on the the Western side of Sanger Avenue, had reached Mrs. Fraser's residence and will no doubt be completed as far as Park Place by the end of the day.

The cupola of the Masonic Temple looks as if it's waiting only for copper roofing to be applied and then it will be ready to be returned to the top of the tower.

It's been a very nice bright, sunny day. Doris Cross, who celebrated her 98th Birthday on Monday, was enjoying a bit of shade in the Park. Escorting her on an afternoon stroll were her son, Robert, of North Brookfield and her daughter Barbara and son-in-law Jim Gallagher of Michigan. Jim is the brother of the late Jack Gallagher of Sangerfield.

10:30 A.M. update

We are alerted by an obervant villager that the SOD TRUCK and sod-laying crew have arrived and are working on Sanger Avenue!

Wednesday morning ride-around

What a difference some grass makes!

Quite a long stretch of the Eastern side of Sanger Avenue has new lawn in the tree belt - even around the Toussaints' Norway Maple, which we were afraid was going to be lost to the project - as well as a length on White Street and on Buell Avenue.

Mother Nature did not arrange to have the new sod watered during the night, but North Country Lanscapers took care of that job, this morning.

There is one puzzlement: the huge flat-bed truck carrying rolls of sod that was parked in the former AGWAY lot, yesterday, is nowhere to be found; nor is the crew!

Elsewhere: take time (on your way to the Historical Society Building!) to slow down on South Babbott Avenue to admire Pat Roger's TRUMPET TREES and TRUMPET VINE!

Wednesday morning

It's 53 degrees, and what is occasionally called "Good sleeping weather!" That, combinerd with the prolonged darkness, seems to be resulting in later morning blogging! The Weather Channel Forecast for today:

Both the Yankees and RedSox played, yesterday - both lost.

Remember: the Historical Society is open from 10:00 'til 4:00. Stop by and pick up your advance sale only tickets for the September 10th 40th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner with Theatrics and Music. You won't want to miss any of it!

Tomorrow evening from 7:00 - 10:00 at Michael's, it's "Big D. and the Pickle!"

I'll make an early tour to see where topsoil and sod are being applied and if there's anything else going on.

Click to enlarge snaps.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TUESDAY update

About the BLOG: for the time-being, until a Blogspot solution is found, if you'd like to read any of the "Recent Posts," please select them individually from the column at the left instead of scrolling down.

The Waterville TIMES is out, and we direct your attention to Ms. Louise' Editorial on page 4 and also to a Letter to the Editor from Mrs. Quayle: a.k.a. "Suzy Q."

A whole truckload of instant lawn has arrived ...

and has already been laid in front of this handsome apartment building,
next to the Hotel - where it looks as if a stone wall is about
to take shape! - and in front of Mrs. Woodhouse's residence.

Tuesday morning

An "envigorating" 49 degrees. The forecast from WKTV News Channel 2 -

Tuesday: A mix of sun and clouds. Chance of an afternoon shower, especially north of Utica. Highs 75-80
Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy and cool. Low in the mid 50s.

The Weather Channel adds more details and then even tells you how your golf game will go for the next few days!

The New York Yankees, who had been dragging before their game in Cleveland on July 5th (which we remember very well!) have soared above all predictions and, as of yesterday afternoon, left Boston in the dust, behind by 6.5 games!

I've gleaned but slim second-hand news from last evening's Village Board Meeting. In addition to the regular attendees was Ms Teresa Lutoborski of "Landscape and Prospect," in Syracuse, who provided reference material for use by the Planning Board in their work on the Comprehensive (Master) Plan. She is familliar with Waterville, having prepared, several years ago, a "street scape" plan which she designed for implementation during the Highway Reconstruction Project (but which has not been put into use) and has also prepared a site plan for the location of the proposed Memorial Bandstand and future landscaping of the Park. She, herself, does not prepare complete Comprehansive Plans, but is aware of several agencies and individuals who do.

Mr. Ostrander sends word that final paving will begin AFTER Labor Day. When I spoke with Mr. Jack Bennett of TIOGA, about two weeks ago, he offered the information that, because TIOGA has "in excess of twenty projects" all ongoing in this part of the State, it is difficult to acquire materials or schedule activities (like milling or paving) just when he'd like them: therefore, the delay.

We're told that there was a "positive response" from the Board to the suggestion that trash receptacles be acquired for the business district.

In other news:

We're as eager as any to read this week's issue of the Waterville TIMES which, 'tho dated Wednesday, August 23, will actually be printed this morning and reach "news stands" soon after noon, to see if the Library Board has provided the Editor with any clarification in re: last week's advertisement seeking applicants for the position of Library Director. Many in the community are puzzled: "We thought we had one!"

Uptown Photos will happen when someone calls "Action!"

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Blogger Format Fix?

I don't know what's happened, but - all of a sudden - all earlier posts have lost their formatting! All the information and pictures are there, but nothing's as tidily arranged as it originally was. It doesn't seem to be anything "technical" here, so all I can do is hope that wherever the mixup is occurring something happens to correct it!

Monday morning update

There's no sign of large-scale paving anywhere along the highway, but the Lews and their neighbors on Sanger Avenue must be ecstatic: the "dips" between the sidewalk and their own driveways are being filled in with blacktop.

Topsoil is being spread in the "tree belt" just beyond CVS.

New rows of stakes mark retaining wall and sidewalk locations across from the "Allen Acres" farm stand and just South of the underpass.

PLANNING AHEAD: ON WEDNESDAY EVENING "Keeping kids safer on the Internet" An Internet Safety Workshop for parents FREE at the Waterville Library 6:30 pm

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Ride in the Country

We set out going South on Route 12 past N. Brookfield and made a sharp left-hand turn onto Fitch Road and then aimed uphill on York Road. After we'd reached the top of the hill, we stopped to take this picture especially for Norm and Carol Tower: it shows the way in to Bascom Swamp!

Then we continued on, right through the intersection at the Skaneateles Turnpike and on to Moscow Road, finally turning left into the State Lands on Quaker Hill Road. It's always nice and peaceful, here.

The roads, 'tho dirt, are kept in quite good condition and there are seldom any other motorized vehicles.

At the top of the hill sits the historic Quaker Hill Cemetery. The DEC description of the site reads: "In the early 1800's this area of Brookfield was settled by Quaker families. It was originally named Moscow and later Delancy after original settlers. The Quakers had a large and active membership known as the "Society of Friends". This Society was affiliated with a similar group that had settled in Madison, another Quaker settlement north and west of here. Their meeting house once stood next to the entrance to Truck Trail #12 - just south of the cemetery. This cemetery is the final resting place for some of these original settlers and dates back to the early 1800's. This is private land and is being pointed out as a historical reference to the early development of this area. "

Most of the stones inside the wrought iron fence are those of the BRAND family; members of the CRUMB family - whose descendants still live on Moscow Road - are buried a bit to the East.

We'd no more than turned right on TT 13 than we came upon three horses who seemed to be having a grand a ride as did their three mistresses. We stopped to chat; asked to take their picture, and also inquired about the obviously larger steed: "She's a Belgian!" we were told. "A retired New York City Cabby horse!" (Cool!) And wasn't she enjoying a day in the woods!

And then down the road to the first of our regular Gentian sites. But Oh! the disappointment! The plants were there, as they have been for twenty-five years or more, but the evermore efficient lawnmowing crew had come along and declared "Off with their heads!"

We followed our usual route, hoping for better luck on Brown Road. YES!! The scythe had missed them! And although they were just budded and need a few more weeks to "bloom" (Bottle Gentians never actually open!) they at least were in good shape, right where they were supposed to be!

After leaving State Land on Giles Road, we wound our way along Ouleout Road to Fitch Road and stopped to see if the Fox's egret was there. No - but a small green heron was out in the middle of the pond, fishing.

Our last stop was on the West side of Nine Mile Swamp, where a wild hop vine - despite bugs! - always seems to bloom as well as those we cater to!

Sunday morning

67 degrees; sticky-feeling after a night of off-and-on rain and thunderstorms. Thee are patches of blue sky, but it's bound to be a little boggy in Bouckville! Today's forecast seems to be a repeat of yesterday's:

A couple of heavy-duty clouds hang over Boston: one is rain........

and even after that passes to the East, a darker cloud will linger...........

with conditions 4.5 games sunnier in New York!

Today is "Ride in the Country" day, but - as you who live in this area know - there's ALOT of "country" and we havn't really decided on a direction to take, but it is the right time of year to ride through the Brookfield Horse Trail System(sans horse) and search for botanical specimens of Gentianni Andrewsii - "Bottle Gentian." Frequently found in the High Peaks, there are only a couple of habitats in this area and, unfortunately, the plant scorns any sort of human intervention or willingness to aid propogation. In other words: you can't dig up a chunk and expect it to live anywhere else, nor will seeds germinate in "foreign" soil. So... we leave it alone and just go to visit it, year after year.

(Click to enlarge Snapz and Photographs.)

To be continued.....