Saturday, October 28, 2006

Soggy Saturday

If you go to The Weather Channel's forecast for Waterville, you'll find WARNINGS for both FLOODING and HIGH WINDS - primarily for later today and tomorrow - but right at the moment the temperature's 43 degrees and there's just a light sprinkle.

I think it really is time to put away the lawn furniture and get the snow shovels ready!

Our two immediate concerns are for the Pop Warner game at 9:00 tomorrow morning at Brothertown Stadium and all of the pretty Halloween decorations around the town. This storm will probably take the last of our fall foliage with it, too.

On Route 20, out near Pleasant Valley.

Ornamental Pear Tree in Oriskany Falls.

"Black Alder" - American Holly - is brilliant, right now. This patch is
quite close to Route 20, but
- for those who are thinking of collecting a few branches for decoration -
it's growing in knee-deep COLD WATER!

Picture taken one morning when there really was "frost on the pumpkin," but surely all the
milkweed seeds
will have blown far and wide, by now!

News from "Michael's" --- he's now open on Sundays: Serving breakfast from 8 'til noon and Home Style Specials from 1 until 8:00 P.M.

And "It's All Over Now!"

From the International Herald Tribune - ST. LOUIS Favored by few, the St. Louis Cardinals used an unlikely cast of characters to win their first World Series in 24 years by beating the Detroit Tigers 4-2 on Friday. Pitcher Jeff Weaver dominated, David Eckstein drove in two runs on balls that didn't leave the infield and the Cardinals took advantage of another wild throw by a Tigers pitcher to complete the best-of-seven Series 4-1. "I think we shocked the world," Cardinals center fielder Jim Edmonds said. "It's an unbelievable experience."

Friday, October 27, 2006

"Picture of the Day"

Learn who took this neat picture that appeared on The Weather Channel "Picture of the Day"!

Friday morning

28.2 degrees and a little freezy: at least RfB reports that the dew on our front railings wasn't exactly "dew" when he went out for the newspaper!

WCS Boys Varsity Soccer meets Cooperstown at Brothertown Stadium this afternoon at 3:00. The Girls Varsity Soccer plays Beaver River - perhaps at Beaver River? or perhaps later?

I had a note from Coach John Savage telling me that our Waterville Junior Pee Wee team that will play at 9am Sunday for the Pop Warner Tri-Valley Division 3 Championship "is the first ever un-defeated Waterville Pop Warner team in the thirty year history of the program." (I hadn't realized that! That makes it even more exciting!) As the car wash sign sign says,

"Go Pop Warner! Beat Herk!"

Sometime over the weekend, take a ride around the village AFTER DARK. There are some super Hallowe'en lighting displays - the Copes on White Street have gorgeous orange twinkle-light swags on their front porch; April Urben on Sanger Avenue has a super-bright Spider Web; the display at Terry Meadows is a delight both day and night, and there are "Hallowe'en "trees" all over the place! It's great!

I'll try, again, to take some pictures!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boys Varsity Soccer also WON!

Vs. Notre Dame; score: 1 - 0.

Thursday morning

It's Garbage Day, again!

34.3 degrees; NOT RAINING!

I couldn't find the results of last evening's Boys Varsity Soccer game, but the Girls Varsity Soccer team WON!

Both teams play again, today. See the "Sports Zone" for details!

(If someone would send me scores, I'd be more than glad to post them!)

According to an article in this morning's O-D, it's going to be a big day, Sunday, at Waterville's Brothertown Stadium, so we're starting to watch the weekend weather forecast:

We were beginning to wonder if it ever rained anywhere else: it does! Rain postponed Game 4 of the World Series and chances of it being played tonight, in St. Louis, aren't very good:

ST. LOUIS -- The World Series has been pushed back at least a day because Game 4 was rained out on Wednesday night at Busch Stadium, but the projected inclement weather here this week may make matters even worse.

Chances of playing Games 4 and 5 the next two days are "dicey," said Jimmie Lee Solomon, Major League Baseball's vice president of baseball operations after only the 19th washout in World Series history.

Thursday's weather report was horrible, with a full day of precipitation expected before the makeup night game at 8 p.m. ET. And Friday could be problematic as well. The weekend forecast, though, calls for sunny weather.

It doesn't make any difference WHAT the weather's like, outdoors, at the "Munstitute"! Check the MWPAI website for a complete schedule that includes films during the week and events like:

Coming to the Stanley Theater on Saturday, November 18 - - - -

Oh, Wow!

RfB and I first saw them perform in Kansas City in 1963!

For many more Events (including a Hallowee'en Ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad)
check the Oneida County Convention & Visitors Bureau's CALENDAR

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday wrap-up

It rained; then it snowed. Hundreds of Canada geese, apparently grounded by low visibility, sat on the "runway" next to Madison Street waiting for conditions to improve.

An hour later they were gone and the sun was out, again, shining on these oak leaves in front of the Starring residence on White Street.....

... and making pumpkins bright on this Putnam Street porch.


Look what Bev Gibbons just brought me!

(Click to enlarge!)

This photograph was taken in September when seven long-time girl-friends gathered at "Michael's" to celebrate a visit to town by Marlene Jones Fuks who now lives in Arizona. In the front row are: Pat Ireland, Bev Gibbons, Dana Broedel and Marilyn Jackson; and standing are Dee Gurdo, Marlene Jones Fuks and Shirley Hart. What a fine time they must have had!!

And now, at 11:00, it's not only NOT RAINING or SNOWING, but the SUN is out! And I bet that no three people could be happier than Sharry and Lance Whitney, producers of "Mohawk Valley Living" and Host Richard Enders, because today they're up at the top of Tassel Hill, filming.

"The fickle weather this week made filming a challenge. Over the last couple years we have been fortunate to have consistently fair weather on filming days.
We were eager to drive up Tassle Hill this week, but decided to wait for nicer weather. Hopefully we'll get some! We received many letters about Tassle Hill and have learned a little bit more about this area from people who know it well."

They tried getting to the summit a few days ago but gave up, fearing for the undercarriage of their car. Today they'll have a truck!

Remember to watch:
Sundays 7:30am WKTV; NEW! 10am CW (Ch. 11) 12:05 Midnight WKTV

Wednesday Morning

It's recyclables day!

36 degrees and drippy! Snow flakes in the forecast!

It's 2 - 1 Cardinals, and Game 4 starts at 8:00 this evening in St. Louis.

At Brothertown Stadium today:

Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Fabius-Pompey at 5:00 and Boys Varsity Soccer meets Notre Dame at 7:00.

Front Page Headlines from the Waterville Times.

"Augusta Says No to Long Lease" - Town Board rejects Village of Oriskany Falls request for five-year lease of space in town office building.

"One Sold, One May Be" The Falls Village Market has changed hands but Foodking probably will not: at least right now.

"Still Going" The undefeated Waterville Eagle Junior PeeWee's Pop Warner Football team will play Herkimer on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at Brothertown Stadium.

Hallowe'en Reminders

The annual Rotary Club Hallowe'en Party will take place tomorrow - Thursday - evening at 6:30 at Memorial Park School

"Trick or Treat" time in the Village of Waterville will be next Tuesday, October 31st, from 5 - 7 P.M.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday afternoon

Oh, what a gray day - and WET, too! But somewhere near Waterville it was white: RfB spotted this car in the Foodking Parkinglot! And there are brightly decorated spots, like this, all over the village ....

............and some fairly scary-but-fun sights, too!

Take a drive 'round town - you'll find plenty more!

Tuesday morning

It's almost 38 degrees, this morning, and it's NOT RAINING! (Yet!)

The Tigers and Cardinals had a day off. Game three of the World Series will take place tonight.


East Main Street

West Main Street

Sanger Avenue

Southbound on Route 12


For the first time - on a weekday - since April 5th, there was not a single construction vehicle or hard-hat to be seen anywhere between the Waterville Fire House and the center of Sangerfield.

If anyone is actually craving another construction job to "supervise," they'll have to drive along East Bacon Street ...........

........... or watch as Mr. Hudson makes progress on the new hotel steps and porch.

(Look at the nice copper-colored leaves on the new pear tree!)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday afternoon "Flash!"

In re: the sale of Foodking ........

The DEAL is OFF!!

Details in theWaterville Times.

Murky Monday!

No: I don't know any more - or even as much - as those who have asked me if there's any truth to the rumor that the Foodking deal is NOT going to go through. Something may come "from the horse's mouth," today and, if not, I'm sure that Ms. Louise will give full details in the Waterville Times!

All I'm sure of is that it's


41.7 degrees and wet: NOT RAINING, right now, but .......

While there's a dirth in the "news" department, there's no other drought. Our Sunday "Ride in the Country" took us through Westmoreland to Rome and back by way of Oriskany where there would have been photos taken of the Mohawk River at flood stage had it not been pouring so hard!

WKTV News Channel 2's Weather Department puts it differently - not that we have a choice!

Today: Plenty of clouds with scattered showers. Temperatures nearly steady in the mid 40's.

Tonight: Clouds and rain showers...mixing with and changing to snow. Generally a coating to an inch or two of accumulation possible, mainly on the hilltops and north of the thruway...except up to 3" possible in the higher terrain of Lewis County. Lows 30-35.

And now they're tied, 1 - 1.
Click here for complete World Series Coverage

And check back here, later. If something happens, I'll let you know!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Lo, the Golden Gingko!"

And then Dave Desany's mother, Jean, wrote to the blogger:

"Dave's recollection and the blogger's anticipation prompted me to let you know that it was 11 years ago just about now when, knowing we were going to be moving out of state, I decided on the one thing I could take with me after 23 years at 242 Buell.

The day came when the gingko shed nearly every leaf in the space of 24 hours and I went outside to make careful selections. My choices were carefully pressed between waxed paper and the unabridged dictionary that held them went off to New Hampshire in February of 1996.

Some months later, I had those little nuggets framed (above) and they hang in our home to this day, a constant reminder that we couldn't have picked a better place to call home for all those years."

Jean Desany

Kraig Pritts

Stanley Sambora spotted this article in Tuesday's edition of the Syracuse Post Standard.

Those who remember Kraig, who was the choral director at the high school back in the early 80's and who did so much (along with his wife, the Rev. Deborah Pritts) for Arts in Waterville's Community Chorus, will be interested to know that Kraig is now the Superintendent of Schools in Tully, one of the four schools in the Central New York five-county region in which the school boards have gone "paperless." All the information they need for their school board meetings is sent to them by computer.

In the article, Kraig describes himself as a "techno geek" - something we knew years ago! He started, we recall, by building a data base of scanner frequencies, a printout of which is still somewhere in the house in the Hollow!

Photo R.F. Brown c. 1980 - 1982

Good going, Kraig! Best to both of you!

Sunday morning!

41 degrees; not raining! Yesterday - despite a soggy forecast - turned into quite a nice day. Perhaps today will, too!

I love the COMMENTS that are left at this website:

Dave Desany of Orlando, Florida wrote: "Talk about a childhood flashback!! Thanks for the post about Gingko Biloba trees. The one you pointed out at the Crowe residence on Buell Avenue (formerly the Desany residence), is a tree my brothers and I spent a good deal of time climbing as children. Even though it has been over 15 years since I lived in Waterville, the picture of those leaves brought back lots of memories!" (Thanks, Dave!)

An Anonymous reader wrote:

"I just wanted to say that 'At Home in the Huddle' is wonderful. It is so nice to see a little bit of news of my Home town. I grew up in Waterville and I don't get home much so it is nice to see what everyone is up to and all of the wonderful upgrades the town is making."

And from another "Anonymous:"

"Your little reminiscence of John Zwievel brought me back to my childhood days in Waterville. I had forgotten all about him, but your description brought his image to my mind immediately. Did you ever meet Truman Jones? He used to walk the streets also. Some things never change - and I hope that part of Waterville's friendliness to all never does. "

And the answer to his/her question is Yes! I remember Truman Jones. His favorite expression - when describing what it was like when the dam on Big Creek burst or when the steeple of the Presbyterian Church was struck by lightning and burned, in 1917 - was


And it was his and his sister Marjorie's family homestead that we purchased and moved into in 1968, and we've been here, in "Marjorie and Truman Jones' House," ever since!

The one frustrating thing about "Anonymous" COMMENTS is that I can't reply to the writer, so I've put a link to my E-mail address right in the bottom line of the post. You can still remain "anonymous" if you want to - but at least I could thank you directly for taking time to write!