Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday wrap-up

It's 23 degrees and just an occasional bit of snow/sleet.
(Is that called sneet?)

I think it will make for some nice sliding!


A prize-winner, on Elmwood!

(See The Waterville Times for all the ribbon-winners!)

Main Street and the Post Office / Dollar General parking lots were
as crowded as the one at CVS!

West of Sangerfield on Route 20, a "conga line" of two State snowplows were clearing the two- or three-inch accumulation of snow. You can see that there's rime on the trees .........

........... but it was nothing like the frosting that I found in Hanover, a mile or two north of the village.

There, the frozen fog was nearly an inch thick on twigs and weeds and it was a beautiful sight!

At the very "top" of Shanley Road, a super-sized greeting card!

Later, this afternoon, this was the view of "downtown" Sangerfield
from Newberry Road!


WKTV's afternoon forecast: "Light snow continues to fall across Central New York today. Snowfall today will be on the lighter side, but enough to accumulate. A general trace to 2" regionwide will fall today. Snow showers come to an end this evening.

Some sunshine mixed with clouds on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A storm will track close to the coast on Sunday and Monday. The storm looks to pass to the east , but may be close enough to give us snow. There are still many question marks about the track of the storm, so stay tuned!



4:30 pm

Family Festival Eucharist and Pageant

Grace Episcopal Church
201 East Main Street


A service of Scripture and carols
will be held at the United Methodist Church on Tower Street at 8:00 P.M. on Christmas Eve.
Everyone is welcome!


Everyone seems to be talking about "Casey," but I have not heard that she's been found or even seen, so please continue to be on the lookout for her!


Have a nice evening, everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

A small present....

O Tannenbaum

I was going to wait until January 1 to begin Vol. 2 of this blog, but I got going on it, today, and - well, here it is!

Make sure to remember it as a new favorite!

I still hope that Blogspot will accept photographs again, fairly soon, but in the meantime I'm using iPhoto and Picassa to upload JPEGS, here. I don't like the results as well, but .............

Have a nice evening. Travel safely!

Friday Battle with

27 degrees; no precipitation at the moment, however..........

The WKTV News Channel 2 Extended Forecast:
Today: Mostly cloudy with afternoon rain showers. High 38
Tonight: Cloudy with rain. A brief period of freezing rain possible north. Low 35
Saturday: Cloudy with rain, tapering to showers late. High 47 Low 36
Sunday: Mostly cloudy, turning cooler, with rain and snow showers. High 40 Low 25
Christmas Day: Partly sunny. High 39 Low 32
Tuesday: Cloudy with snow. Accumulations likely. High 34 Low 26
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy snow showers. High 29 Low 20
Thursday: Mostly cloudy with snow showers. High 30 still has not repaired it's problem, but I'm trying to figure out a way to post photographs (JPEGS) by taking a more circuitous route that leads from camera to iPhoto to Picassa and gives me the HTML for each picture. I don't like it! But it's better than nothing! (Or maybe it isn't!)

In the meantime .......

The Harding Family is enjoying the Christmas presence of Elaine Harding Ralls and her daughter, Catherine, who are here from Arizona. The visitors are also enjoying their vacation, but are hoping to see at least a little snow before they have to leave!

Nancy and Eladio Ayala received an early Christmas present, last Monday, when their daughter Connie gave them a brand new grandaughter - Cassidy Lucille - who weighed 7 pounds and is 19 and 1/2 inches tall!

Mr. R. F. Brown once again asks the blogger to say Thank You! for all of the cards and E-mails that he's received and to those friends who have taken time to stop by Room 108 at the Harding Nursing Home, where he is currently undergoing rehabilitational therapy. He hopes to be able to celebrate Christmas with his family on New Year's Day.

"Social Notes and Items of Interest" excerpted from the Waterville Times:

The six Lallier Girls had their Annual Get-together Luncheon up north at the White Lake Inn, a few weeks ago. Attending were: Carol Bowee, who lives in White Lake, Joan Howard and Lovina Staring of Waterville, Jeanette Hollenbeck and Ida Sheppard of Cassville and Linda Crowe of Sauquoit. What a grand reunion they must have had!

Despite lack of snow, the Holidays are upon us! Mrs. Martin writes that “The Crimson Bonnets held their Christmas Party at Barb Mario's last Thursday. It was a covered dish get-together and the food was out of this world. This is our last meeting of the year so we .all opened gifts from our Secret Pals. There were many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as the gifts were opened. After that we drew new names for Secret Pals for 2007. Lorraine Havens says she loves her gift but the card didn't say who it was from - if you read this please let her know! Our next meeting will be the last Thursday in January with Barb Mario again organizing it.”

At a few minutes past noontime, each Sunday for the past few weeks, the Ayalas have climbed the bell tower of the Masonic Temple and played selections of Christmas carols. They were joined last week by the Aldridges and, on Christmas, PsBrown and Alex Meszler will take their turn at the levers. (We are informed that that is the proper name for the “wheelbarrow handles” and that it should be pronounced, “leaver.”)

Christmas music filled the halls of the Harding Nursing Home, this Thursday evening, when the members of the Waterville Rotary Club made their annual visit, there.

The "Sanger Avenue Singers" (and friends!) will be caroling on Friday evening: listen for them!

I had to go to Hamilton, yesterday and, on the way back, I glanced over toward Madison Lake and saw a white island:
I knew it couldn't be snow!

I couldn't really get close enough to be absolutely sure, but I believe it must have been a gaggle of Snow Geese.

On the Eastern portion of the lake a hundred or more Canada Geese were enjoying the sunshine.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday morning

It's 37.5 degrees.

Click HERE to see the usual weather forecast snap!

They're doing it again! I'm convinced that there are Grinches at and, once again, no one can upload photos. Some interesting alternatives are being suggested, however, and I'll look into those, later today.

In the meantime, you can contemplate this:
Will we have a White Christmas?

I'll be out and around the village a great deal, today, and will see what news I can pick up and what photo-ops present themselves - with the hope that by the time people in California wake up - that's where Blogspot is - I'll be able to post them.

Please check back later!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday wrap-up

It turned into a lovely, warm-looking afternoon!

I wasn't out and around, very much, but the Car Wash sign caught my eye (as it's supposed to!)

After a stop at the Library to return an overdue book and say Hello to Margie, Paul, and Mr. Reynolds, I took the "scenic route" back towards Main Street and - guess what! - ANOTHER huge truck was backed up to a second storage trailer! MORE LAMPS pieces and parts! (Including the very essential base plates which have been held up due to a "problem" at the foundry on the West Coast.) The gentleman with whom I spoke must have been with the electrical contractors. He said that our lamps are very, very nice in both appearance and in quality! Installation, he added, should begin "in about ten days."

It's Fixed!


We have pictures, again!

I've learned that when something goes really wrong with to look first to see if I'm the only one having a problem: in this case, I wasn't. Did it give me any comfort to know that somewhere out there hundreds of other bloggers were making nose prints on their monitors? Only a little!

It's bright and sunny, but still a bit on the "nippy" side. No sign of any activity around the Lamp Post trailer, and whereas there were Ten little Tannenbaum left in the Park the day-before-yesterday, suddenly "then there were none." (With apologies to Agatha Christie!)

(Click to enlarge.)

The Christmas Issue of the Waterville Times reached newsstands yesterday.

Headlines from the inside Front Page:

  • "Boundaries in Fire Districts Need Work" - Fire Chief Denny Baldwin says "Places we used to cover or logically should cover are now in other districts."
  • "Charter for Falls' Library Worked on." - Clark Memorial Library Board looking at options for the library's charter of operation.
  • "WCS Principal Idea Supported" - A Middle School Principal may be hired.
  • "BCS Project Costs Outlined." - State would pay 96% of proposed renovation project.
  • PHOTO - House fire on Sanger Hill Road in Oriskany Falls.
  • PHOTO STORY - Santa visited Deansboro last Saturday.
  • PHOTO - Flag on Display. Members of Boy Scout Troop 108 hold flag in preparation to raising it on new flagpole at the Library, last Saturday.

I'd been planning on starting Vol. 2 of this blog on the first of January. I might start it a little early - just to be on the safe side - but will give you a link to it as soon as I have.

Wednesday morning

It's Recyclables Day!

And, unless you're keen to see what the temperature is or are a WCS sports fan, this first post is going to be really boring!
Blogspot isn't accepting photos or allowing links! Temporary? I hope so!

Right now it's 28 degrees and there's just a hint of icy white on the porch steps.

The WKTV Channel 2 Forecast starts out:
Wednesday: Partly sunny to mostly sunny. High 40-45.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 25-30.
Thursday: Thickening clouds. High 41 Low 31

Waterville 63, Sauquoit Valley 54

Mason Clapp scored 17 points and Todd Livingston and Brandon Wrobel added 12 each as Waterville bounced back with a win over Sauquoit Valley after blowing a big lead in losing to Mount Markham in its previous game.
Josh Randall of Sauquoit Valley led all scorers with 17 points.

Waterville 19 16 14 14 - 63
Sauquoit Valley 13 13 10 18 - 54
Waterville (3-2): Mason Clapp 17, Doug Hughes 8, Todd Livingston 12, Wes Roberts 10, Ryan Shereck 4, Brandon Wrobel 12. Totals: 23-15-65.
Sauquoit Valley (1-5): Kyle Edelman 10, Brian Gaskell 2, Cory Gibson 12, Nick Hanratty 9, Pat Julian 2, JIared Montgomery 2, Josh Randall 17. Totals: 21-7-54.
3-point goals: Waterville, Roberts 1, Wrobel 1. Sauquoit: Gibson 2, Randall 3.

Check back later!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday morning

It's 32.2 degrees - no precip.

In Girls' Varsity Basketball,
it was Cooperstown over Waterville, 50 - 48.

The Boys' Varsity Basketball team plays Sherburne-Earlville, this evening at 7:30, on their court.

On the Social Scene: the Tea Party, given yesterday afternoon by the Waterville Times for correspondents and special friends, was perfectly elegant and the ladies all had a lovely time!


Behind "Michael's," there was activity at the
Lamp Post Storage Trailer and a great surge of excitement:
"Soon? Soon?"
"Sorry --- not now. Maybe in a couple of weeks." (Darn it all!)


But over on Route 12B, South of Deansboro, a sight we all look forward to every year: Nancy Eastman's Christmas Mural.

(Click to enlarge.)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday morning

Garbage Day!

It's 41 degrees and moist.

One of the neatest "inflatables," yet, is this "Merry-go-Round" on Hanover Road!

From this morning's O-D: "Cause of O' Falls Fire Under Investigation." (I'll make a point of taking my camera with me, today!)

Village Board Meeting Tonight at 7:00


Today in the SPORTS ZONE

(Click to enlarge.)


The "Rumor du jour" is a big one. Ms. Louise is tracking it!


The only things that I know, for sure, have nothing to do with it and are, simply, that:

the new schoolbus garage on East Bacon Street is getting larger and larger, and that

Tom's got a good idea, there!

Trivia for the Day: "Who was Joel Roberts Poinsett?" Lore and Legend of the Poinsettia

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Soggy Sunday

Definitely drippy, but 36 degrees: no shovelling today!

Be listening, a few minutes after noontime, for the bells! The Ayalas and Aldridges will be at the levers, ringing Christmas Carols for you!


I did get a chance, yesterday, to have a good look at the new railings at the hotel.

From across the street, it looks as if they are straight across the front of the building, but ......

...... up close, and from the side, you can see the work
of a very particular craftsman: the railing closest to the
street corner actually curves. What a fine bit of carpentry!

And as soon as I can, I'm going to stake a claim to a little table,
right here, to enjoy a "pint," watch the world go by,
and wave back to Millie!

Alot of people envy Mr. Hudson's "eye for color."

He matched these perfectly, didn't he!

Can't wait to see what happens next!