Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Fixed!


We have pictures, again!

I've learned that when something goes really wrong with to look first to see if I'm the only one having a problem: in this case, I wasn't. Did it give me any comfort to know that somewhere out there hundreds of other bloggers were making nose prints on their monitors? Only a little!

It's bright and sunny, but still a bit on the "nippy" side. No sign of any activity around the Lamp Post trailer, and whereas there were Ten little Tannenbaum left in the Park the day-before-yesterday, suddenly "then there were none." (With apologies to Agatha Christie!)

(Click to enlarge.)

The Christmas Issue of the Waterville Times reached newsstands yesterday.

Headlines from the inside Front Page:

  • "Boundaries in Fire Districts Need Work" - Fire Chief Denny Baldwin says "Places we used to cover or logically should cover are now in other districts."
  • "Charter for Falls' Library Worked on." - Clark Memorial Library Board looking at options for the library's charter of operation.
  • "WCS Principal Idea Supported" - A Middle School Principal may be hired.
  • "BCS Project Costs Outlined." - State would pay 96% of proposed renovation project.
  • PHOTO - House fire on Sanger Hill Road in Oriskany Falls.
  • PHOTO STORY - Santa visited Deansboro last Saturday.
  • PHOTO - Flag on Display. Members of Boy Scout Troop 108 hold flag in preparation to raising it on new flagpole at the Library, last Saturday.

I'd been planning on starting Vol. 2 of this blog on the first of January. I might start it a little early - just to be on the safe side - but will give you a link to it as soon as I have.