Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday morning

Garbage Day!

It's 41 degrees and moist.

One of the neatest "inflatables," yet, is this "Merry-go-Round" on Hanover Road!

From this morning's O-D: "Cause of O' Falls Fire Under Investigation." (I'll make a point of taking my camera with me, today!)

Village Board Meeting Tonight at 7:00


Today in the SPORTS ZONE

(Click to enlarge.)


The "Rumor du jour" is a big one. Ms. Louise is tracking it!


The only things that I know, for sure, have nothing to do with it and are, simply, that:

the new schoolbus garage on East Bacon Street is getting larger and larger, and that

Tom's got a good idea, there!

Trivia for the Day: "Who was Joel Roberts Poinsett?" Lore and Legend of the Poinsettia