Thursday, June 29, 2006

The aftermath

"Well!" they said, as the water kept rising! By as late as 9:30 last night - a good six hours after the rained had ceased - the underpass at Sangerfield was still a one-way road. It's just muddy, this morning, but makes observers wonder why, with two large, new drains in evidence, we are still having that much of a flooding problem, there.

At least we can be quite sure that it did not preclude any of the Waterville Rotarians from attending their annual "Keeping of the Guard" picnic at the Wicks' home overlooking Bailey Lake.

Everything looks alot drier, this morning, on all of Sanger Avenue. At least one TIOGA crew must have gotten to town fairly early, for all of yesterday's potholes are shallower and the ride is quite tolerable at a sedate 10 m.p.h. But where that crew went, is a mystery: the only activity at all was in the sidewalk area across from Dairy Creme and CVS.

The probable depth and possible current strength in the Sangerfield River were brief subjects of conversation outside of Nice 'n Easy, in Sangerfield, when eight or ten members of "WOW!" (Women on the Water) gathered before aiming South to Hubbardsville for a paddle in Nine Mile Swamp. It was rapidly decided that their canoes and kayaks were designed for whatever the Swamp had to offer them, and they set off promising me - unwilling to risk putting my back completely out of whack, again - that JPEG photos would follow!