Friday, June 30, 2006

Then and Now

I watched as the tree-belt lawns were being mowed at Foodking, yesterday, and thought, "What did it USED to look like?" I knew that if I hunted hard enough I'd find a picture taken over a year ago and, sure enough: there it was, in the last place I looked! But what a nice difference!

Everyone is commenting on how really "sharp" our new curbings look. Yes! They do! And they are "sharp," literally, too, as several motorists have found out!

There was very little construction work going on, today: curbings are being installed across the CVS and Dairy Creme diveways, and that was creating a tie-up, but there should be no problem entering or exiting the parkinglots over the weekend.

We asked one of the flag-girls when paving would resume and she said that it would "probably" be some time next week, but she didn't know what day.

Maneuvering from Point A to Point B in the village, while still avoiding traffic jams, takes us past pretty sights:

the garden on S. Babbott Avenue and Suzette's bicycle on Madison Street are but two.

Out in the countryside, "Black-eyed Susans" - the early variety, I hope! - are opening, and daylilies beginning to bloom.