Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sunny Saturday

F55.2 F. with bright blue sky at 6:00 A.M. The AcccuWeather Forecast: Warm with sunshine mixing with some clouds. Winds from the WSW at 10 mph. High: 86° Chance of thunderstorms this evening. (Everyone knew that once graduation party tents were set up on lawns, yesterday, there'd be no rain today. It's like carrying an umbrella, you know!)

Sports Update: Yankees took the Mets 2 - 0 and the Marlins broke the RedSox winning streak 5 - 2.
World Cup Soccer Scores: Jun 30 - Final: Ukraine 0 Italy 3.
Next game: Portugal v. England: 11:00am EDT.

Play resumes at 1 P.M. today at Wimbledon: People will be watching Andre Agassi (USA) vs Rafael Nadal(ESP)[2] and Maria Sharapova (RUS)[4] vs Amy Frazier (USA) as well as Andy Murray (GBR)vs Andy Roddick (USA)[3].

More frequently, TV sets are turned off, cars and campers packed, and villagers head for favorite Campgrounds at the Turning Stone Casino, "Water Safari" at Old Forge, their lakeside camps or cottages at Alex Bay - or - they don hiking boots, shoulder backpacks and head for the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains to find unequalled views like this:

Stay-at-home activities - which are always in good supply - will doubtless include the mowing of lawns and the never-ending battle with Bishop's Leaf (or goutweed) in the flowerbeds.

A drive through the village will be just about as it was a week ago: smooth from Stafford Avenue and the Fire House as far as Karl Davis' Main Street Garage at the point of Monument Park, but then - following Sanger Avenue - a bit of a rough ride. If one drives slowly enough, they'll see that TIOGA has been working at the Park, skimming off some topsoil to bring the Park to curbing level near Madison Street. (It looks as if the opposite will be a requirement along the Sanger Avenue side where the curbing appears to be a few inches higher than Park ground.)

Curbing installation, itself, was completed in front of CVS and Roc's Dairy Creme and solid (but challenging!) entry and exit ramps established for the customers' weekend use of both enterprises.

Sidewalk prep continued to move northward from about that point, and on both sides of Sanger Avenue as well as in front of the stretch of buildings from "Stinkers" to the Hotel.

(To be continued!)